CIPD and Its Module: A Short Analysis

CIPD or the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is a well-renowned organization that offers courses related to HR and development. The goal of this organization is to improve the management of the workplace and provide a sustainable environment for the employees.

It specializes in the HR criterions related to skills, education, and expertise required by the professionals to promote the work experience of the employees. There are multiple ways to attain knowledge in the HR and personnel development field. But a certified and specialized platform, like CIPD, has more assertive and certain information to broaden the perspective of the HR profession.

CIPD has three distinct levels. Out of which, the passing levels 3, 5, and 7 qualifies an individual to the upgraded version. Level 7 is equivalent to a post-graduate degree that can lead to membership in CIPD as a Chartered Member. After completion of level 5, the trainees are hired as members of the organization.

The Levels of the CIPD Module

Every level is divided accordingly to provide maximum training and knowledge to students regarding Human Resource. Level 3 is significant for people who are just starting their careers in the field. It starts with the basics of HR to signify its worth, so students can get a complete picture of what they’re signing up for. The certificate for the level 3 takes around 9 months to complete. However, the entire diploma can take 12 months to finish.

On the other hand, Level 5 is an intermediate level in the course. It is mandatory for people who already have some knowledge of the HR divisions but want to improve their expertise. After the completion of this level, you can get certified diplomas and certificates in your assigned field. The duration of the course lasts for about 8 to 12 months.

Thirdly, level 7 is the post-graduation level as mentioned above. Those who complete the course are directly hired in specified divisions. However, sufficient experience in the HR field is required to enroll in level 7. This level is helpful for those who need to elevate their skills and knowledge. These people mainly serve as HR managers, directors, and etc.

This course entails strategies to maximize the output of the people. To increase the productivity of the employees, those enrolled in the course learn the activities and tactics that can sharpen the task force and maintain peaceful work experience. On an average count, level 7 takes around 2 – 2.5 years to complete, but it solely depends on the medium and the courses you chose to study.

Each platform is to carter to the needs of the individuals in the people’s profession. The CIPD serves as a valuable forum in the field of human resource and personnel development. It helps individuals to acquire knowledge about their specified fields. And also to channel the energy of employees in the right way to gain productivity. You can learn more about each specific level through blogs, websites like CIPD assignment writing servicesand Podcasts.

So what happens if you fail a module or the retake exam? 

This question is frequently asked by students from all around the world. The CIPD courses are difficult to complete in one go. And the reasons for failure vary. It may be because of incomplete credits hours or the failure to meet the criteria. However, you can reappear in the paper if the previous marks and your credit hours meet the passing criteria. The only way a trainee can qualify to the next level is by sustaining 20 credit hours on the relevant course. Anything less than this will not be enough to qualify.

Also, unfortunately, an exam cannot be taken again if you fail your retake. In situations like these, you can withdraw the amount from the course or switch to an entirely new one. Having a setback in studies can be a bummer. But, at times like these, you should always saunter to plan B to sustain your career. There are multiple ways to acquire something if you are resilient enough to attain it. Having a contingency plan can help you to bounce back from the misfortunes in your education, career, and life. Definitely, hard work and motivation are required to succeed in life.

It is imperative to understand the market, its fluctuations, and the philosophy of the employees. One of the reasons why CIPD offers its courses in different levels is to allow individuals to enroll in these courses at their own pace. So they can attain the maximum privileges. The management of an organization is a strenuous act, where effective communication is highly crucial. To become a competent HR, one should acquire top-notch interpersonal skills, to effectively converse with multiple clients and employees.

Pros of CIPD:

  • It is globally known as the best certification in human resource and personnel development.
  • After completion of the course, you will be qualified to acquire various HR managerial positions in the corporate sector.
  • The starting salary is profound in terms of an entry-level and gives a good head start in the field.
  • It helps students to develop the required interpersonal skills like active listening, speaking, versatility, and innovation.
  • It provides a deeper understanding of strategy formation and tactical thinking.

CIPD definitely benefits its students in many ways and provides a boost to their careers. After completion of the diplomas or certification from CIPD, you can gain a strong foothold in the people’s profession and effectively sustain it.

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