CIPD Levels Explained

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What is CIPD?

CIPD is a professional body for the people at work which has set a standard for the Human Resources Professionals and in the area of People Development. The professional body is aimed at driving positive changes in the world of business, specifically workplaces. CIPD has its bodies in UK, Ireland, Middle East and Asia which could award the Chartered status to the Learning & Development, Reward Management and Human Resource Professionals. The body also carries independent researches and insights that has turned it into a trusted advisor for the employers and even governments. The professional body is a career partner of choice for about 150,000 members across the globe.

Why choose CIPD for working in Human Resource Department?

In a world where there is intense competition among the professionals and the recruiters are looking for the people who are experts in their field, the CIPD diploma provides the professionals with an edge for acing in the field of Human Resources. The recruiters are looking for CIPD accreditation in the HR professionals, so being CIPD qualified personnel would most definitely make them be more knowledgeable, skilled and employable about the key HR areas like Recruitment and selection, Change Management, Talent Management, Leadership and Development, Reward Management etc. that can act as a ladder for moving further in the area of HR. The expert writers of CIPDAssignments would get along with you as a helping hand for making you succeed in your new career path.

Whizzing your CIPD grades and professional HR career

The professional body of CIPD offers its qualifications at three different levels. If an individual is already CIPD qualified, desires to work in the area of Human Resources, or wants to further excel in the managerial role through opting for a higher CIPD level, our expert writers would help you make it. With great passion and zeal, our maestros complete your assignments in excellent ways which makes you come closer to your career success. The students are helped in getting their CIPD assignments completed with nil grammatical errors and extremely unique ideas.

  1. Entry (Level 3, foundation level)

    This is the foundation level in which the professional is provided with a solid grounding in HR and L&D for the ones who have little or no experience in Human Resources. It is most certainly equivalent to an A-level in difficulty but don’t you worry. We have got your back to push your through this level for making you turn into an Associate Member of CIPD. You’ll get “Assoc. CIPD” title after the completion of this level.

  2. Intermediate (Level 5)

    The CIPD Level 5 has been designed for the ones who have got some level of experience in HR and are now looking for ways to progress in HR and L&D managerial roles. It is also suitable for the people who have studied at a degree level but have got no previous experience. The Intermediate Level qualification is an RFQ level 5 qualification which is equivalent to an undergraduate level of study and our expert writers would help you in getting an Assoc. CIPD after your name in order to level you up in the professional career.

  3. Advanced (Level 7)

    If you have significant amount of HR experience and desire to progress further towards the strategic senior managerial roles for instance HR Manager, Head of HR an HR Director than the Advanced Level would be the most ideal for you. This is also beneficial for the ones who are operating independently and collaborate with their clients in order to consult them with the Human Resource functions. For getting you a status of prestigious CIPD Chartered Member (MCIPD) or Chartered Fellow (FCPID) status, our writers will provide you with spontaneous responses for your queries and would get your assignments done with perfection.

Developing Yourself as an Effective HR Practitioner (4DEP) Developing professional practice (5DVP) 7HRC Human Resource Management in Context
Understanding Organisations and the Role of HR (3HRC) Business issues and the contexts of human resources (5CHR) 7LMP Leading, Managing and Developing People
Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information (3RAI) Using information in human resources (5UIN) 7SBL Developing Skills for Business Leadership
Resourcing Talent (3RTO) Managing and coordinating the HR function (5HRF) 7IBI Investigating a Business Issue from a Human Resources Perspective
Supporting Good Practice in Managing the Employment Relationship (3MER) Resourcing and talent planning (5RST) 7ODD Organisation Design and Organisation Development
Supporting Good Practice in Performance and Reward Management (3PRM) Reward management (5RMT) 7LMD Leadership and Management Development
Contributing to the process of Job Analysis (3CJA) Improving organisational performance (5IVP) 7RTM Resourcing and Talent Management
Supporting Change in Organisations (3SCO) Employee engagement (5ENG) 7PFM Performance Management
Identifying Learning and Development Needs (3LDN) Contemporary developments in employee relations (5DER) 7RWM Reward Management
Designing Learning and Development Activities (3DES) Employment law (5EML) 7MER Managing Employment Relations
Delivering Learning and Development Activities (3DEL) Organisation design: implications of HR (5ODG) 7ELW Employment Law
Evaluating Learning and Development Activities (3ELD) Organisational development: implications for HR (5ODT) 7EEG Employee Engagement
Supporting Individual Learning through Coaching and Mentoring (3LCM) HR service delivery (5SDL) 7LTD Learning and Talent Development
Using Facilitation Skills (5UFS)
7DDE Designing, Delivering and Evaluating Learning and Development Provision
7KML Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning
7ICM Understanding and Implementing Coaching and Mentoring

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